Sunhelm is the leading supplier for Floating airbag/Salvage airbag.We have provided offshore floatation solutions for Sri Lanka, UAE, Singapore and many other countries.

Marine salvage airbag are also known as inflatable buoyancy airbags, floating airbag, or salvage airbag.Standard Sunhelm floating airbags have sizes up to 2m in diameter and 20m in length.Can produce up to 50t buoyancy. 

Usually it's for sunken ship salvage in shallow sea waters, laying of underwater pipelines. and installation of box culverts.Salvage airbag have obvious advantages of low cost ,easy handling and long service life.

Marine Salvage Airbag Buoyancy Flotation Airbag

Sizes: Diameter range: 600mm~2000mm
            Length range: 4000mm~16000mm(Customize ok)

Layer: 4~12Layers

Work pressure: 50kPa/80kPa

Maximun Buoyancy Ton: 1T~50T(Much more)

Material: Natural rubber

Material of metal parts: Stainless steel

Certification:  ISO 14409、BV、CCS、ABS、LR

Warrenty: 12 months

Lead Time: Within 20 Working Days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Money Gram

Transport Package: Wooden Pallet

Why SunHelm's Marine Salvage Airbag?

Safer and more assured

SunHelm is using the best natural rubber, which has high strength and more stable performance.It can withstand higher operating pressures, and its performance is far superior to its peers. Assurance of true number of layers.

Quality detailing jobs: Stainless steel gas nozzle, cross winding process, etc. In order to better meet the requirements of customers for assisting floatation, we can also completely customize floatation airbags of different sizes.

Excellent quality control and after-sales service

Sunhelm never neglect the production environment, and the production environment fully complies with the 5S standard. It can fully cooperate with customers in product certification testing.
You can always understand the production process and transportation process of the products you buy, and we have professionals to solve any problems when you use them. We have a one-year warranty, during which we will guarantee if there are any problems with the product. But in fact, the customer complaint rate has only been 1% since the company was founded.

Don't know if you need to use marine salvage airbag?

Our professional solution team can provide you with the most suitable advice!

· Inflatable buoyancy airbags are easy to fix and can provide a large amount of buoyancy after inflation.
· Floating airbag have obvious advantages of low cost,easy handling and long service life.
· For the offshore oil&gas pipeline laying
· For underwater telecommunication cable installations
· Used to help float other water equipment,such as power plant equipment,Pontoon bridge construction etc.
· For wrecked ship salvage in shallow waters

Buoyancy Salvage Airbag Specification

Types Maximun Buoyancy(T) Airbag Diameter(m)/Le(m)
0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.5 1.8 2
F1 1T 4 2          
F2 2T 7 4 3        
F3 3T 11 6 4 3      
F5 5T   10 6 4      
F7.5 7.5T   15 10 7 4    
F10 10T     13 9 6    
F12.5 12.5T     16 11 7 5  
F15 15T     19 14 8 6  
F17.5 17.5T       17 10 7 6
F20 20T         11 8 6
F25 25T         14 10 8
F30 30T         17 12 10
F35 35T           14 11
F40 40T           16 13
F45 45T             14
F50 50T             16

Sunhelm Marine Salvage Airbag Structure

D:Bag Diameter LOA:Effective Length L:Total Length 1. Mouth 2. Head 3. Body

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