Bee Nest Airbag

BeeNest Airbag not only has all the advantages of SunHelm Marine ship launching airbags, but also equipped a layer of high-strength anti-puncture composite material, which can effectively prevent accidental scratches and punctures caused by sharp objects, suitable for extremely harsh operating environments and improved the service life of the product significantly.

BeeNest Airbag after equipped with high-strength anti-puncture composite material, still can keep good flexible performance, extremely easy to operate on site. 

BeeNest Airbag own world today leading & professional high-tech raw materials and unique production technology.

Bee Nest Airbag Characteristics

  • Exclusive patented manufacturer.
  • 100% Anti-punctured airbag.
  • Suitable for extremely harsh operation environments.
  • Good flexible performance.
  • Longer service life.
  • Various performance indicators far exceeded ISO14409.
  • Safety factor reach 4.5 times (Normal 2-3 times).
  • Airbag body 5 parts structure (Normal 3 parts).
  • Adopt 3-strand synthetic tire cord (Normal 2-strand).
  • Built-in stainless steel air inflated valve.
  • Talcum powder removal production process.
  • Diameter from 300 mm to 4,000 mm.
  • Length from 3,000 mm to 33,000 mm.
  • Customized in various sizes.

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