Pneumatic Fender

Pneumatic fender have different initial internal pressure in 50kPa and 80kPa which manufactured should be according to ISO 17357-1:2014. Traditional pneumatic fender structure has outer rubber layer part,synthetic tire cord part and inner rubber layer part. Based on actual application scenarios and improving the safety factor, SunHelm not only strives for perfection in raw materials, but also optimizes the structure and production technology to make it have higher safety and reliability. 

Nowadays it has been accepted by the market has been widely applied in STS operation ( Ship to Ship ) and ship to shore operation. It has become an ideal ship protection medium used extensively by large tankers, LPG vessels, ocean platforms, etc.

Pneumatic Fender Introduction Professional Manufacturing Experience On Marine Fender SunHelm is a leading international marine fender manufacturer. Specialized in marine fender designing, engineering, manufacturing. 20 years experience on marine fender production, 50,000+ fenders in service. We offer all series OEM and ODM service. All marine fenders cetificated with PIANC 2002, BV, ABS, CCS, LR, DNV-GL

  • Ship to ship operation
  • Ship to shore
  • Temporary berthing
  • Port high tidal variations
  • Submarines

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Hydro- Pneumatic Fender

The hydro-pneumatic fender is partially filled with water and air, maintain vertical position to effectively protect the hull.

Yacht Fender

Yacht fender play a role in berthing and protecting ships, mainly suitable for yachts, speedboats and small vessels.

Foam Filled Fender

The interior of the foam fender uses EVA foam material as the buffer medium and polyurea as the outer protective layer.

Foam Filled Fender

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Pneumatic Fender Type

Chain&tyre Net Type Pneumatic Fender
Sling Type Pneumatic Fender
Rope Net Type Pneumatic Fender
Grey Pneumatic Fender
Red Pneumatic Fender

Pneumatic Fender Characteristics

  • Fully compliant with ISO 17357-1:2014.
  • Safety factor exceed ISO 17357 requirements.
  • Fender body 4 layers structure (Normal 3 layers).
  • Exclusive rubber material adapt harshest environments.
  • Adopt 3-strand synthetic tire cord (Normal 2-strand).
  • Heavy duty inner and outer flange system.
  • Self-developed safety valve with numbers patents.
  • Fender covered with heavy-duty chain tyre net.

Pneumatic Fender Characteristics

STS operation (Large Ship) apply with D1500mm*L3000mm SUNHELM pneumatic fender. Application environment is bad,strong wind and waves. Fender compression over 70% still keep superior performance to fully protect ship,not burst.

Pneumatic Fender Construction

Outer Rubber Layer Part

I Mechanical protection (Friction)  I Chemical Resistance (Environment)  I Energy dissipation

Synthetic Tire Cord Layer Part

I Carry load of membrane force  I keep the geometry stable

Rubber Matrix Part

I Adhesion to reinforcement material  I Distance layer of fabric plies  I Shearing force loading

Air Tightness Layer Part

I Strengthen air tightness  I Reinforces rubber & tire cord plies

Inner Rubber Layer Part

I Pressure transfer  I Ensure air tightness  I Provides chemical resistance


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