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SunHelm Marine is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of pneumatic rubber fenders, foam fenders, marine airbags, marine rubber fender products and trade and sales of various ship and wharf products. SunHelm can provide customers with one-stop procurement services, regardless of delivery time, quality, products, prices have strong market competitiveness, and strive for the greatest benefits for global customers.

With many years development, SunHelm marine has become a well known key company, which earned good reputation all over the world. We insist customers requirement first since founded, supply the most professional solution to meet customer’s personalized requirements.

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pe fender

Pneumatic Fenders.

High performance fender system is used for various applications, it focuses on projects with high variations in water levels and ship-to-ship operations. 


Chain&tyre Net Type Pneumatic Fender
Sling Type Pneumatic Fender
Deep Marine Hydro-Pneumatic Fender

Marine Airbag.

Marine airbag is a multi-purpose marine equipment mainly used for ship movement. According to the different pressure coefficients manufactured, marine airbags can be divided into three types: ship launching airbags, caisson pulling airbags, and offshore buoyancy airbags.


Ship Launching Airbag
Marine Salvage Airbag
Caisson Moving Airbag

Rubber Fenders.

High performance rubber fender systems for various applications, typically in areas with low variation in water level. Fixed Fenders are mostly equipped with steel panels to allow for a low hull pressure.



foam fender

Foam Fenders.

High performance foam fender systems is used for various applications, it focues on projects with high variations in water levels and for cruise terminals. Other foam products are used as navigational aids and security barriers.


Chain&tyre Net Type Foam Fender
Sling Type Foam Fender
Donut Fender

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  • Mr.Jafri
    I am very happy to purchase SunHelm’s pneumatic fenders for my end customers. They gave me a very good feedback. I hope I can continue to cooperate with SunHelm in the future
  • Mr.Hassan
    The first time I tried to buy yokohama fenders in Sunhelm, it was not much different from the products of international famous brands I bought before, and the metal parts was also very fine.The best thing is that Sunhelm is much cheaper than their prices. I will cooperate if there is a need in the future!
  • Mr.John
    SunHelm gave us a very professional technology solution for buoyancy. They are not only traders, but also very professional in technology. The project is very successful, SunHelm is very trustworthy.

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