Ship Launching Airbag

SunHelm Marine Ship Launching Airbags have the world today leading & professional high-tech raw materials and unique production technology to deliver a lifetime of reliable performance which have been applied in various extreme environments.

SunHelm Marine Ship Launching Airbags are designed and manufactured according to ISO 14409:2011. Nowadays, our various performance indicators have far exceeded ISO14409 to provide improved durability and safety performance.

SunHelm Marine Ship Launching Airbag diameter size from 300 mm to 4,000 mm and length from 3,000 mm to 33,000 mm, and offer non-standard size manufacturing service.

SunHelm Marine ship launching airbag uses a cross-wound process, which can withstand greater impact. The service life is more than 6 years, and other Chinese factories mostly use synthetic rubber.

SunHelm Marine R&D team upgraded the material and process of the airbag, and cooperated with the Brazilian scientific research station to successfully complete the construction of the scientific research station. So far, the sales network of SunHelm products has covered seven continents in the world.

Airbags Characteristics

  • Various performance indicators have far exceeded ISO14409.
  • Safety factor reach 4.5 times (Normal 2-3 times).
  • Suitable for extremely harsh operation environments.
  • Airbag body 4 layers structure (Normal 3 layers).
  • Exclusive rubber material adapt harshest environments.
  • Adopt 3-strand synthetic tire cord (Normal 2-strand).
  • Both ends can be dragged, inflated and pressure measured.
  • No any airbag burst customer complaints.
  • Built-in stainless steel air inflated valve.
  • Talcum powder removal production process (Industry NO.1).
  • Customized in various sizes.

Airbags Construction

Outer Rubber Layer Part

I Mechanical protection (Friction)  I Chemical Resistance (Environment)  I Energy dissipation

Synthetic Tire Cord Layer Part

I Carry load of membrane force  I keep the geometry stable

Rubber Matrix Part

I Adhesion to reinforcement material  I Distance layer of fabric plies  I Shearing force loading

Air Tightness Layer Part

I Strengthen air tightness  I Reinforces rubber & tire cord plies

Inner Rubber Layer Part

I Pressure transfer  I Ensure air tightness  I Provides chemical resistance

Airbags Product Details

Every detail of SunHelm Marine ship launching airbag is paid highly attention. SunHelm Marine has a strict quality management system to ensure the excellent quality of its products.


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    Caisson Moving Airbag

    The caisson moving airbag is a specific airbag used to move the built bridge caisson on land. It also be called industrial airbag. The caisson is a kind of pier used in the construction of a cross-sea bridge. The caisson moving airbag follows the ancient method of moving heavy objects by rolling wood. After prefabricating the caisson on the pedestal, the lifting airbag is stuffed into the trench at the bottom of the caisson, and the caisson is inflated to lift the caisson. After that, the caisson is pulled by the tugboat and arrange in the ocean. The caisson moving airbag has a large contact area with the ground, and the bearing capacity is evenly distributed. It is very adaptable to the site and a very popular transport equipment in currently ocean construction. The difference between the caisson moving airbag and the ship launching airbag is the working pressure. Therefore, the ship launching airbag cannot replace the caisson moving and lifting airbag.

    International Leading Ship Launching Airbag Manufacturer

    SunHelm Marine Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in maritime products. SunHelm Marine currently has several large-scale modern factories and R&D centers. SunHelm Marine mainly produces pneumatic fenders, marine rubber fenders, foam fenders, hydro-pneumatic fenders, marine airbags, marine salvage airbag, caisson moving airbags and other products.

    Based on ship industry chain, SunHelm Marine has expanded its market layout, main business involves ship mooring and berthing, marine engineering,  port construction and other fields. SunHelm provides customers with systematic, comprehensive and creative services.

    After nearly 20 years of development, product and technology applications have covered more than 80 countries and regions in 7 continents, NANHAI became the well-known brand in the world.

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    Our Products

    We are in the business of developing high performance marine rubber protections.  According to 20 years researching and developing, SunHelm Marine has abundant experiences in custom designing marine fenders and airbags to meet specific application needs. We are pride with ourselves on our quality and stand behind our products. 


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