Ship Launching Airbag

The most cost-effective safe ship launching method. High-quality wound multi-layer rubber airbag.

Beyond ISO14409 International Standard.

Super high capacity performance and burst pressure.

Superior performance in harsh environments

Every detail of SunHelm ship launching airbag is paid highly attention.

Original Ultra-High Pressure Airbag (Independent R&D).

Ship launching airbags Introduction

Ship launching airbags are the current ship launching program with the least cost and risk. It overcomes the shortcomings of fixed track launching and provides convenience for ship repair. At present, it is mostly used for the launch of small and medium-sized ships, and the productivity of shipbuilding and ship repairing in small and medium-sized shipyards is limited. Help companies in the shipbuilding and maritime industries save energy, time, workload and investment.

The Reason named SunHelm Ship Launching Airbag as "Defender", because of high performance in ship launching, Various performance indicators beyond international standard. Protect ship launching safety fully. Safety indicators highest reach 4.5-5 Times than international standard.

SunHelm's ship launching airbag uses a cross-wound process, which can withstand greater impact. We use 100% high-quality natural rubber, which is more durable. The service life is more than 6 years, and other Chinese factories mostly use synthetic rubber.

To exceed the performance of ISO14409 standard

Safety factor is the embodiment of comprehensive performance of ship launching airbag, it is an important factor to ensure the safe launching of ships. The safety factor of ship launching airbags depends on three important factors: material, design and production craft. At present, the safety factor of ship launching airbags from SUNHELM has reached at least 4.5 times in an all-round way, exceeding ISO14409 by 1.5 times.

Excellent bearing capacity performance

Bearing capacity definition: When compress deformation reaches 70%, and the inner pressure reach the rated working pressure,Pe. (Unit:kN/m) The core of bearing capacity is to test the pressure that airbag can bear during compression. The stronger bearing capacity,reflect stronger safety and stability of airbag.

Super high burst pressure

Burst Test Definition: Airbags shall be tested to the minimum burst pressure as specified in table 2. Fill the airbag with water until the airbag burst. The water pressure at the time of bursting shall equal or be more than the value specified in table 2 (ISO14409 Required).

Ship launching airbags in harsh environments

In order to adapt to the harsh climate of Antarctica,SunHelm R&D team upgraded the material and process of the airbag, and cooperated with the Brazilian scientific research station to successfully complete the construction of the scientific research station. So far, the sales network of SunHelm products has covered seven continents in the world.

Ship launching airbags Construction

Outer Rubber Layer Part

I Mechanical protection (Friction)  I Chemical Resistance (Environment)  I Energy dissipation

Synthetic Tire Cord Layer Part

I Carry load of membrane force  I keep the geometry stable

Rubber Matrix Part

I Adhesion to reinforcement material  I Distance layer of fabric plies  I Shearing force loading

Air Tightness Layer Part

I Strengthen air tightness  I Reinforces rubber & tire cord plies

Inner Rubber Layer Part

I Pressure transfer  I Ensure air tightness  I Provides chemical resistance

Step 1: Twine sealing tape on Reducing Joint.

Step 2: Reducing Joint connect Tee Coupling,seal with sealing tape.

Step 3: Ball Valve connect to Tee Coupling,seal with sealing tape.

Step 4: Quick Connector A connect Ball Valve,seal with sealing tape.

Step 5: Install Pressure Gauge to Tee Coupling.

Step 6: Quick Connectors B connect with Hose Fitting.With sealing tape.

Step 7: Quick connectors B connect Quick Connector A.

Step 8: Hose Fitting connect with inflated soft rope seal with Hoop.Start inflating.

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    Ship launching airbags Performance

    The following parameters are the dimensions and parameters of standard ship launching airbags.However,ship launching airbags formulate different product plans according to different project requirements.The project party needs to provide corresponding ship type,size,and weight.SunHelm Technology Department issues the project product plan,or the project party can directly provide the required airbag model specifications.
    D:Bag Diameter LOA:Effective Length L:Total Length 1. Mouth 2. Head 3. Body
    D: Airbag Diameter (Uncompressed) H: Height after airbag compressedy



    Rated Working

    Bearing Capacity at 70%
    Compress Deformation

    Burst Pressure





    6 Layers













    7 Layers













    8 Layers













    9 Layers













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    SunHelm complies with the 14409 standard
    All SunHelm Marine ship launching airbags are manufactured and tested fully compliant with ISO 14409 “Ships and marine technology – ship launching airbags“, certificated by BV, CCS, LR, ABS. There are two Chinese standards and two ISO standards for ship launching airbags production and using.
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    Does heaviest airbag mean the best performance?
    After long-term testing and application of airbags, not the heaviest product represents the highest quality performance.The factors that will cause airbag to be much more heavy.

    I The content of natural rubber is insufficient.Use scrap to satisfied the weight of airbag.

    I To achieve performance,the recycled rubber material content is high.(Counterweight Rubber)

    I Fewer tire cord layers, thus increasing the proportion of rubber.

    ·Product will cause short service time.

    ·Tire cord layer exposed.

    ·Low tear resistance.

    ·Affect complete product performance.

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    What certificates can we provide?
    Normally, we provide the manufacturer certificate free of charges. If you need,We also can provide the BV, LR, ABS, CCS third party certificate upon the client's request.
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    Why Choose SunHelm?
    16 years of production experience

    SunHelm has independently developed and produced Marine ship launching airbags for 15 years. The production technology is mature, the technical research and development team is perfect, and the materials and production methods are constantly updated. It is already a leading manufacturer and supplier of Marine ship launching airbags in China.

    Many export countries

    SunHelm has been deeply involved in the international market, and Marine ship launching airbags have been sold to 27 countries around the world including Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates. The customer complaint rate is only 1%.

    Higher safety factor

    SunHelm’s Marine ship launching airbags fully meets the ISO17357 standard, uses a stronger cord layer, and has a safety factor of 7 times. You can buy it more at ease.

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    Bee Nest Airbag

    Bee Nest Puncture-resistance airbag is a unique patented product independently developed by SunHelm own R&D teams. On the basis of traditional airbags, The Bee Nest puncture-resistance airbags add layer of high-strength anti-puncture composite material, which can effectively prevent accidental scratches and punctures caused sharp objects, improved the service life of the product significantly.

    Puncturing prevention. High-density steel cord form a protective layer, overcomes the drawback of rubber easily puncture.

    Scratching prevention. High-density steel cord layer prevents accidental scratches efficiently.

    Less layers ,easy for operation.No need to increase the thickness of the airbag to improve the puncture-resistance performance.

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