Production Center .


  • Responsible for the production of the company.
  • It has two large modern production and processing centers.
  • The total area is 50000 square meters.
  • The most advanced raw material testing equipment.
  • Possess a number of international and domestic quality certification certificates.

Marketing Center.


  • More than 10 invention patents
  • More than 50 utility model patents
  • 5 software works
  • Accredited by the National Patent Office

We create a unique plan for each major project
To ensure the smooth implementation of the projec

Research Center.


  • Responsible for the company's R & D and design work.
  • Owns Jinan Process Technology R&D Center and Taian Research Institute.
  • Jointly built laboratories with many universities.
  • Has applied for more than 10 domestic invention patents and more than 50 utility model patents.
  • It has technical talents such as chief technical engineer, chief consultant expert of airbag technology, senior engineer, senior rubber engineer, first-level construction engineer, and intermediate engineer.

Our Products.

We are in the business of developing high performance marine rubber protections.  According to 20 years researching and developing, SunHelm Marine has abundant experiences in custom designing marine fenders and airbags to meet specific application needs. We are pride with ourselves on our quality and stand behind our products. 

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