Marine Airbags

Marine airbag is a multi-purpose marine equipment mainly used for ship movement. According to the different pressure coefficients manufactured, marine airbags can be divided into three types: ship launching airbags, caisson pulling airbags, and offshore buoyancy airbags. They can protect the safe movement of ships and caissons, but they are not universal. When in use, marine airbags need to be inflated to reach the normal working pressure, so as to ensure that the ship will not touch the ground and be scratched during use, and will not tilt the heavy box and cause accidents. SunHelm provides all types of marine airbags. We also have specially produced anti-puncture airbags that can be used on the ground with sharp objects. Welcome to contact us to purchase! We will provide you with the most suitable price.

Ship Launching Airbag

Ship launching airbags are special airbags used for ship launching. The longest can reach more than 30 meters. The maximum diameter is 2.5 meters. Sunhelm's marine airbags are guaranteed to be made of 100% natural rubber. Special size can be customized.
Marine Airbags

Cassion Moving Airbag

The caisson moving airbag is a special purpose airbag that can withstand greater pressure. It is usually used to transport the caisson used for the construction of marine bridges and wharves. Cassion moving airbag played a very important role in port construction. Sunhelm's caisson moving airbag can be customized according to the size of the caisson. If you have special needs, please tell us.

Marine Salvage Airbag

The marine salvage airbag, as its name, is used to help ships float on the water. It can also be used to salvage items sunk into the sea. Marine salvage airbag has a higher working pressure, so that it can work normally under the water pressure of the seabed. It is also equipped with a special safety valve to protect the working safety of the airbag
Marine Airbags