Ship Launching Airbag

Ship Launching Airbag is a multi-purpose marine equipment mainly used for ship movement.  They can protect the safe movement of ships and caissons, but they are not universal. When in use, marine airbags need to be inflated to reach the normal working pressure, so as to ensure that the ship will not touch the ground and be scratched during use, and will not tilt the heavy box and cause accidents. SunHelm provides all types of marine airbags. We also have specially produced anti-puncture airbags that can be used on the ground with sharp objects.

Ship Launching Airbag

SunHelm Marine Ship Launching Airbags have the world today leading & professional high-tech raw materials and unique production technology to deliver a lifetime of reliable performance which have been applied in various extreme environments.

Caisson Moving Airbag

The caisson moving airbag is a specific airbag used to move the built bridge caisson on land. It also be called industrial airbag. .

Bee Nest Airbag

BeeNest Airbag not only has all the advantages of SunHelm Marine ship launching airbags, but also equipped a layer of high-strength anti-puncture composite material, which can effectively prevent accidental scratches and punctures caused by sharp objects, suitable for extremely harsh operating environments and improved the service life of the product significantly.

Our Other Products

We are in the business of developing high performance marine rubber protections.  According to 20 years researching and developing, SunHelm Marine has abundant experiences in custom designing marine fenders and airbags to meet specific application needs. We are pride with ourselves on our quality and stand behind our products. 


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