Hydro pneumatic fender

Hydro pneumatic fenders are developed on the basis of traditional pneumatic fenders, and are suitable for the STD or STS underwater berthing requirements of submarines and semi-submersible ships.

Hydro pneumatic fender Introduction.

Hydro pneumatic fender Advantages.

Hydro pneumatic fender Application.

Hydro pneumatic fender Structure.

Hydro pneumatic fender Introduction

SunHelm SH-DM Deep Marine Hydro pneumatic fender is a special version of the Pneumatic Fender developed for submarines. Hydro pneumatic Fenders are partially filled with water and air and are equipped with a counterweight in order to keep them in a vertical position. This ensures that the submerged hull is properly protected by the fender at all times. Hydro pneumatic Fenders require some special installation techniques to be installed. The performance of Hydro pneumatic Fenders is affected by the air:water ratio and the initial pressure.SunHelm would be pleased to receive your design input allowing us to engineer the correct type, size and overall layout of the Hydro pneumatic Fender suiting your requirements.

Hydro pneumatic fender Advantages

Submerged contact area.

Adjustable draft.


Sub-surface contact face.

Very low hull pressures.

Variable draft.

Prevents acoustic tile damage.

Hydro pneumatic fender Application

Navy use for submarine|Catamaran|Semi-submersible platforms|Drilling rigs

Hydro Pneumatic Fender1

Hydro pneumatic fender

Hydro Pneumatic Fender2

Hydro pneumatic fender

Hydro Pneumatic Fender3

Hydro pneumatic fender

Hydro Pneumatic Fender4

Hydro pneumatic fender

Hydro pneumatic fender Structure



Inner rubber:Rely on the fender to ensure the air tightness of the fender to prevent gas leakage and maintain the air pressure of the fender.

Middle layer:The reinforcement layer is the skeleton layer of the fender, which is made up of multiple layers of glued with high strength cord fabric.

Outter rubber:The outer rubber layer covers the outer surface of the fender to protect the fender from external force damage and wear.


Fender Body: Pneumatic rubber fender body.


Counterweight: used to balance buoyancy and pull the fender to prevent position shift caused by the impact of waves

Install the fixed cable chain.


Other accessories: including charging and discharging water and gas control devices, adjustment devices, etc.

Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Energy absorption(KNm) Reaction force(KN)
1000 3000 52 435
1500 3500 137 761
1700 7000 352 1725
2000 6000 418 1740
2500 6500 708 2356
3000 6500 1020 2827
3300 6500 1235 3110
3500 8500 2013 5072
3300 10600 1334 3316
4500 9000 3179 5872

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    SunHelm complies with the 17357 standard
    ISO 17357-1:2014 specifies the material, performance, and dimensions of low-pressure floating hydro pneumatic rubber fenders, which are intended to be used for the berthing, and mooring of a ship to another ship or berthing structure.SunHelm complies with the 17357 standard,if you want to know the details, please contact us.
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    The hazards of low-quality Hydro Pneumatic fenders
    Low-quality Hydro Pneumatic fenders may be an advantage in terms of purchase cost, but in practical applications, Hydro Pneumatic fenders essentially test its energy absorption and reaction performance, safety, durability matter more. If the long-term application cost is considered, low-quality Pneumatic fenders have no any advantage, which will directly lead to economic losses for customers and threaten the safety of personnel/ships/docks.
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    What certificates can we provide?
    Normally, we provide the manufacturer certificate free of charges. If you need,We also can provide the BV, LR, ABS, CCS third party certificate upon the client's request.
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    Why Choose SunHelm?
    16 years of production experience

    SunHelm has independently developed and produced hydro pneumatic rubber fenders for 15 years. The production technology is mature, the technical research and development team is perfect, and the materials and production methods are constantly updated. It is already a leading manufacturer and supplier of hydro pneumatic fenders in China.

    Many export countries

    SunHelm has been deeply involved in the international market, and yokohama pneumatic fenders have been sold to 27 countries around the world including Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates. The customer complaint rate is only 1%.

    Higher safety factor

    SunHelm’s pneumatic Yokohama fender fully meets the ISO17357 standard, uses a stronger cord layer, and has a safety factor of 7 times. You can buy it more at ease.

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