Anchor and Anchor Chain







Anchor and Anchor Chain

Anchor Overview

The anchor is the main part of the anchoring equipment. It is an iron ship-stopping device. It is connected to the ship with an iron chain. The anchor can be dropped on the bottom of the water to make the ship stop. The choice of anchor should consider the convenience of operation, easy storage and economical application, but the most important thing is the holding power of the anchor. On the one hand, the holding force of the anchor is not known because of the different types of anchors, and on the other hand, it is related to the soil quality of the seabed.



Anchor Features

The shank is well-made of high-strength steel

The steel flukes are wide and strong

Each anchor contains a hot-dipped galvanized coating for long-lasting protection.

Offers exceptional holding power for its weight

Very low maintenance

Special designs available upon request

Anchor Applications

Dredging Projects

All kinds of seabed

sea bottoms

Cruise Terminals & Ferry


Large Yachts & Cruise Vessels

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Anchors Products

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Anchor Chain Overview

Anchor chains are used to connect anchors and hulls. They are also commonly used to connect pneumatic fenders and foam fenders used in docks. They are commonly used metal connection accessories in the maritime industry. It is often composed of anchor end links, intermediate links and end links. According to the structure of the chain link, it can be divided into two types: stud link chain and studless anchor chain, the former is stronger than the latter; according to the manufacturing method, anchor chain can be divided into a cast steel chain and electric welding chain.

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