The caisson moving airbag is a specific airbag used to move the built bridge caisson on land. It also be called industrial airbag. The caisson is a kind of pier used in the construction of a cross-sea bridge. The caisson moving airbag follows the ancient method of moving heavy objects by rolling wood. After prefabricating the caisson on the pedestal, the lifting airbag is stuffed into the trench at the bottom of the caisson, and the caisson is inflated to lift the caisson. After that, the caisson is pulled by the tugboat and arrange in the ocean. The caisson moving airbag has a large contact area with the ground, and the bearing capacity is evenly distributed. It is very adaptable to the site and a very popular transport equipment in currently ocean construction. The difference between the caisson moving airbag and the ship launching airbag is the working pressure. Therefore, the ship launching airbag cannot replace the caisson moving and lifting airbag.

Caisson Moving Airbag for Marine Industry

Sizes: Dia: 0.8m/1m
            Length: Depend on cases

Operating Pressure:0.17mPa~0.35mPa

Material:100% Natural Rubber

Material of metal parts: Galvanized steel

Certification:  ISO 14409、BV、CCS、ABS、LR

Warrenty: 12 months

Lead Time: Within 20 Working Days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Money Gram

Transport Package: Wooden Pallet


Why choose Sunhelm?

Sunhelm is an experienced airbag manufacturer with 15 years of history. Has rich project experience in airbag production. The caisson moving airbag requires a high working pressure. Our unique winding process greatly increases the strength of the airbag. The product quality has passed the third-party inspection and certification to ensure the safety of customers. If you need a product certificate, you can consult us at the time of inquiry!

Caisson Moving Can be Easy!

Low cost, Unlimited space

Sunhelm Caisson Moving Airbags Specification

TypeDiameter(m)Operating PressureOperating HeightBearing Capacity Each Meter(t/m)
1m0.14Mpa0.4m0.5m0.6m13.211.0 8.8
C210.8m0.35Mpa0.3m0.4m0.5m26.422.0 17.6
1m0.35Mpa0.4m0.5m0.6m33.0 27.522.0 

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