Marine buoy is a route sign that indicates the direction in the ocean and marks the location. In order to be fixed in the same position and not be washed away by the waves, it is tied to the seabed with an anchor chain. The design of the buoy varies according to the purpose. Common buoys include tank-type, spherical, rod-shaped, cylindrical, and cone-type buoys.Sunhelm's buoys are rotationally formed from high-quality polyethylene,and there are also steel navigation buoys.Sunhelm has developed a new generation of large-scale deep-sea buoys and offshore buoys in conjunction with major domestic marine schools and chemical schools in China. Products can be customized according to customer needs. After many experiments and tests, our products can withstand the huge pressure of 2000 meters in the deep sea.

Marine Buoy

Sizes: 1.25m/1.75m/2m/2.2m/2.5m/3m

Color: Red/Green/Yellow( IALA standard)

Types: Navigation buoys,Marker buoys,Mooring buoys,Steel navigation buoys


Marine Buoys Types

The types of  marine buoys are very diverse. Each different type of buoy has its special purpose. The commonly used buoy types include navigation buoys, marking buoys, meteorological research buoys, mooring buoys, etc. The main function of the navigation buoy is to mark the mid-sea channel to prevent the ship from going out of the safe range. The marker buoy is used to mark the position of underwater objects. There are also research buoys dedicated to the study of marine meteorology. Mooring buoys are used for temporary mooring of ships in the ocean. The material of these marine buoys is generally made of steel.

Small buoys can be replaced by A-series yacht fenders. Their material is polyethylene plastic, which is light and easy to install. Small marine buoys are generally used to divide areas, indicate navigation channels, and mark locations.

· High visibility
· Float made of closed-cell polyethylene foam board (non-absorbent)
· Low price and excellent quality
· Galvanized steel superstructure
· UV and corrosion resistant polyurethane paint
· Material environmental protection
· Mark the entrance to the fairway
· Mark special locations of underwater objects
· Anchorage, ship berthing, quarantine anchorage, etc.;
· Mark restricted areas, fire practice areas, etc.;
· Mark the ocean operation area, ocean exploration, channel survey, diving, salvage, ocean development, mud discharge area, speed field, compass correction field, etc.;
· Used to mark entertainment areas, sports training areas, and sea resort areas;
· It is used to mark the area of aquatic production areas, breeding farms, etc.

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