Marine Dredging Rubber Hose

Dredging hoses are reliable and safe

to withstand even the most extreme working conditions.

Marine Dredging Hose Overview

SunHelm Marine Dredging Hose can be customized to the size of the pipe and some performance parameters according to customer requirements.Mainly used for harbour and wharf dredging, transport of sea water, sediment, flood discharge, civil engineering and other fields.The rubber tube stiffness is good, not because of wind waves, tides and other factors caused by bending caused by the local arch of the rubber layer inside the rubber tube and resulting abnormal wear.


Marine Dredging Hose Applications


Marine Dredging Hose Products


Floating Dredging Hose

Features:Good flexibility, easy to multi - tube assembly operation; Good anti - UV, anti - aging, wear resistance; Good corrosion resistance to salt and sea water; Pipeline bearing capacity, good ability to withstand wind and waves.

Applications:Used at port, dock for discharging sea water, silt, sand, flood, etc. Particularly suitable for work of dredging operation dock and port, building project and soon.

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Suction Dredging Hose

Features:The service life is 20% higher than the previous generation; Unique pipeline structure, pipeline joint will not leak; Good anti - UV, anti - aging, wear resistance; Self-produced rubber has good corrosion resistance to salt and sea water; Pipeline bearing capacity, wind and wave resistance capacity is 25% higher than the previous generation of products.

Applications:Dredge Suction Hose for dredging is used with dredger for silt/gravel conveyance.

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Discharge Dredging Hose

Features:The Dredge Discharge Hose can be used with the dredger to transport silt/gravel. Wall thickness range: from 15mm to 100mm. Applicable working temperature: -20℃~ +50℃. And wear-resistant, anti-bending. And it is easy to install, flexible to use, safe and reliable. hose, etc. Inner diameter size, hose length, flange size can be customized.

Applications:The suitable conveyance matters of discharge hoses are usually mud, clay, fine sand, fine-mid sand, and so on.

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Armored Hose

Features:The hoses have the ring of high abrasion resistance, inner lining of excellent abrasion resistant performance and bending resistance. It’s available in diameters up to 1300mm and in various lengths and pressure ranges. It can be equipped with rubber flanges or steel flanges on both ends of hoses.

Applications:Armoured Hose are used for dredging sharp materials which have bigger volume, heavy specific materials like coarse sand, coral reef or weathered rock.

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Ceramic Hose

Features:Wearing lining with ceramic pieces of various patterns, round, square, and hexagonal, ceramic rubber hose has a better wear-resistant. It’s convenient to install and flexible to use.

Applications:Ceramic rubber hose is suitable for dredging slurry and sand.

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Pipe Floats Overview

Pipe floats are the flotation of pipes, hoses, and cables for dredging, mining, and marine applications.

They are always used with HDPE pipes, steel pipes, and rubber hoses to make the pipelines can work on the water. Besides, The pipe floats are an easy-to-install solution, which allows pipes to bend, while maintaining low resistance to waves, wind, and current.

Manufactured from polyethylene(MDPE/HDPE).

Lightweight and large buoyancy.

Easy to install and low cost for maintaining.

Marine grade galvanized accessories.

Shock resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

Pipe Floats know More
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