Shackle is a kind of rigging, mainly used to connect anchor chains, fenders and other equipment in the maritime industry. Shackles are also called connecting rings and are widely used in various industrial industries. Shackle can be roughly divided into D shackle (also known as chain shackle, straight shackle) and bow shackle (also known as Ω shackle or horseshoe shackle) in shape. Shanghai sells stainless steel high-quality shackles that meet the GB/T 25854-2010 standard certification, which can be purchased together with our fender products and other accessories, without having to find other suppliers.

Steel Stainless Shackles

Types: D shackle/Bow shackle

Material: Stainless steel/Alloy steel/Carbon steel

Capacity kg: 1000kg~18000kg

Sunhelm can supply stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel high-strength shackles, die forging shackles, marine shackles, national standard shackles; marine turnbuckles, marine closed turnbuckles, etc.

Sunhelm's shackle products are made of high-quality alloy steel, combined with die forging and free forging. Shackle forged parts are all heat treated to ensure the impact resistance, load-bearing capacity, toughness and elongation of the product, which greatly improves its safety and service life. And because of its fast connection speed, convenient disassembly and assembly, and large bearing capacity, it has been widely used.

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