Sunhelm can not only provide a wealth of marine equipment, but also provide technical personnel to provide customers with systematic and professional project solutions. Including marine salvage solutions, marine buoyancy solutions, STS solutions, and ship launching solutions. When you face the above problems but do not know what to do, you can ask Sunhelm for help! We will provide you with the most economical and feasible solution based on your project's specific intelligence and information.

Do you need to build infrastructure in the ocean? Do you need to salvage the heavy objects or ships that you sunk into the sea? Are you looking for floatation products for laying ocean pipelines? Sunhelm can help you design the project implementation plan, and also recommend the products needed for the implementation plan. You only need to spend a littile cost to get a perfect solution.Come to see how we work for you

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    Ship-to-ship operations are mainly used for the unloading of liquid cargo at sea. Have you never taken over an STS project? Don't worry about what to do, Sunhelm will help you design a complete STS solution! You can control every procedure, and we will consider all risks for you. Choose Sunhelm, you can rest assured.

    STS Operation Main Process

    1. Overview of customer requirements for pneumatic fenders.
    2. Preliminary estimate of product specifications and quantities based on ship parameters.
    3. Detailed analysis and calculations, adjust specifications and quantities to meet design specifications.
    4. Determine the final product specifications and quantity.
    5. Draw the layout and installation position of the coordinated product on the layout drawing.

    6. Choose appropriate accessories according to the specifications.
    7. Adjust and organize layout drawing, send to customer for confirmation.
    8. Customer feedback, modify and improve.
    9. Marketing staff make quotation documents.
    10. Organize and compile the technical data required for the product.

    STS Operation Involved Main Products

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