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Sunhelm provides customers with a one-stop marine equipment product supply service. More than 30 kinds of metal marine products and rubber marine products that will be used on ships are shipped to more than 100 countries around the world. As a supplier and manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive products and services. Our main products are inflatable pneumatic fenders, foam fenders, ship launching airbags and marine salvage airbags.

Floating Marine Fender

Pneumatic Fender

Safety and reliable

Most Cost Competitive System

Low Maintenance Cost

ISO 17357 Stantard

50 kPa and 80 kPa can be produced

Foam Fender

Never be sink

High-quality polyurea coating, thickness up to 2mm-20mm.

Large energy absorption,low reaction force.

Two types with Chain&tyre net and without net

Long service life

Hydro Pneumatic Fender

Adjustable draft

Very low hull pressures

Prevents acoustic tile damage

ISO 17357 Stantard

50 kPa and 80 kPa can be produced

Yacht Fender

A series and F series can provide

3.8mm Super strong thickness

High-strength suspended structure on its top

A variety of product colors are available

Marine Airbags

Ship Launching Airbag

Ultra-High Pressure Airbag (SunHelm Unique)

More Safety and Reliability ship launching methods

Not restricted by venue

ISO14409 Stantard

We can produce multi-layer airbags

Marine Salvage Airbag

Provide more buoyancy

Equipped with Sunhelm's professional buoyancy equipment

Higher working pressure

ISO14409 Stantard

Equipped with a patented safety valve for underwater use

Cassion Moving Airbag

Efficient way to transport heavy objects on land

Ultra-High working pressure resistance 0.1-0.5MPa.

Can be used for heavy lifting

ISO14409 Stantard

In addition to transporting caisson, other heavy objects can be transported

Solid Rubber Fenders

Marine Solid Rubber Fenders

Provide 10 types of solid rubber fenders

Use high-quality raw materials

All accessories required for physical fenders can be purchased at one time

Provide solution suggestions on the use of rubber fenders

Provide port project construction solution support


Marine Buoys

Buoys of various types and uses

Product materials are environmentally friendly

Can be purchased with other products, easy to complete the project

Competitive price

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